Recognition for the ray of hope project

The Ray of Hope Project's Primary Mission

is the rehabilitation of existing homes. Through the help of donations, volunteers and a capable staff of qualified contractors, we are able to provide services such as roof repair, siding repair and handicapped accessibility features, to mention only a few.

Qualifying low-income families often find they need our assistance to keep their homes habitable and to maintain residency. These services are normally provided at no cost to the homeowner. No matter how large or small a repair project The Ray of Hope Project undertakes, we attempt to uplift community spirit and awareness for both the recipient and the surrounding neighborhood.

As The Ray of Hope Project is rehabilitating deteriorated homes, we are also providing homeowners and volunteers with hope and a sense of unity. We are able to keep or bring families together; provide them with a safe, attractive and habitable home; enhance household dignity; and give them a new, stronger sense of community membership than ever before.We restore structures that were previously not only a community eyesore, but also in such a state of disrepair as to be unhealthy and unsafe for residents and neighbors. With our assistance, not only do families receive a habitable shelter, but community stability is enhanced, real estate values are increased, and overall neighborhood quality is improved. Thus, we provide neighborhoods with lessons in community organization and healing, the use of innovation to solve long-standing problems, commitments to one's neighbors, and hope for tomorrow. We do not simply rehabilitate homes we are working to revitalize communities.